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Your People. Your Building.

Your Air Quality.

AmbiTek Introduction

AmbiTek Introduction

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Office spaces and class rooms often suffer from poor air quality. This impacts the well-being of the occupants and leads to a loss of productivity.

AmbiTek provides cost-efficient and effective solutions to monitor and improve indoor air quality, This creates advantages on three different levels:

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Through insight in air quality

  • Direct answers to questions and complaints about poor air quality

  • More control over the performance of installed HVAC systems

  • Better insights to make targeted small-scale investments to improve air quality


Through managing air quality

  • Reduced risks of airborne spread of infectious diseases

  • As a result: reduced absence from work and schools

  • More pleasant working and learning environment for both employees and students


Through improved well-being

  • Directly improved cognitive abilities at lower CO2 concentrations

  • As a result: increased productivity and creativity of employees, constituting >90% of costs for many companies

  • Increased learning capacity yielding higher scores for students in schools

AmbiTek's mission is to enable building occupants to take control of their own air quality

Would you like to know more about us or our solutions?

AmbiTek has tailor-made solutions for schools. See here for more details.

Click here to learn more about us and here to contact us.

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