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Monitoring Air Quality in Schools in practice

(in Dutch language)

Since the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, air quality in schools has been in the spotlight more than ever before. AmbiTek is in contact with many schools about monitoring systems. We notice that there are questions about:

  • What systems there are for air quality monitoring

  • Which requirements must be met for subsidies and regulation (SUVIS in Netherlands and KB in Flanders)

  • Optimal use of these systems in practice

  • Practical ways to improve air quality

To answer these questions, we organize the webinar for which you can register here.


Wednesday 16 June, 09:00 - 10:00 


Thanks for submitting!


Thanks for submitting!


Wednesday 23 June, 09:00 - 10:00 

Solutions for Schools

Currently no other sector pays more attention to air quality than schools. And rightly so, since good air quality is essential for the learning performance of our future generations. AmbiTek's measurement systems are designed to fit well with schools

Other sensors.jpg.png
Ilustration V2-solution.png


Transparancy in the classroom

We notice that many schools like to work with direct signaling in the classroom. AmbiTek can easily fit different types of sensors into the system, or for example include a display with measured values and / or an alarm function with sound.

Class timetables

Ventilation maximally utilized

Large groups of senior students create much more CO2 than small groups of young students. We recognize this in our pattern recognition modules. With this, a timetable coordinator can try to place large groups in well-ventilated areas as much as possible.


Tailored to schools

We are aware that schools work with limited budgets. Fortunately, the monitoring system requires no cabling or complicated installation. This makes the costs much lower than traditional wired systems.


As the need for good air quality has become more apparent, various countries and regions are creating subsidies for CO2 monitoring systems or set CO2 monitoring as one of the requirements for requesting subsidies for HVAC improvements. The modularity of the AmbiTek solution allows for including sensors or other practices that are essential in your geography, so please do reach out to discuss your specific needs.

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