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Pragmatic & Effective Solutions

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Quick, reliable hardware

Data storage


Safely in the cloud

Overview at a glance

AmbiTek provides a system that continuously measures air quality, in particular CO2, humidity and temperature. The installation is wireless and therefore very fast.

The system is modular so it is easy to add other types of sensors, such as PM2.5, VOCs or LED outputs.

The data is sent to the cloud, so that it can be viewed remotely at any time.

At AmbiTek there is no discussion:
Data always belongs to the customer. Data can therefore be retrieved or deleted whenever the customer wishes.

The data is also stored securely, namely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers in Frankfurt . For more information about AWS security protocols, see: https://aws.amazon.com/security/

You can regain control over your air quality by receiving insights instead of data:

 a) Dashboard: See immediately which rooms are ok and which require attention

 b) Alerts: Receive alerts, also for sustained issues

 c) Patterns: Identify recurring behavior and technical issues that can be improved.


To improve the air quality

If structural problems are identified, you can create a well-considered energy-efficient climate design. However, we often find that improvement is only needed in a few specific areas. In that case, you can use the data in the cloud to control various types of devices, including Building Management Systems themselves.

We can connect in two ways: With our smart connector, to connect your device to the cloud, and by enabling a software connection through the cloud with an API.

In that way you can leverage the cloud platform to expand your HVAC system cost-efficiently and step by step.

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